20/2 4 ply Nm spun silk

250 yarns per 100 grams

$20 cone, $.20 per Gram

Skeins $16.50 

3 cones for $57, 6 cones for $112, 10 cones for $190 

3 skeins for $46.50. 6 for $90, 10 for $155

100gram cones or skeins

Mix or Match 

Because the cones weight different they will be sold

by the Gram 


This soft, shiny and lustrous silk can be used for warp and weft.

Sett: Lace 10 epi, Plain weave 13 epi, Twill 15 epi. This is not a yarn you want to "beat" into place; just move the yarn into place. Please sample

For knitting: gauge, 4 stitches= 1 inch
Recommended needle size: 6-8mm

Caring for your silk: Silk is a delicate fabric and should be handled with care. However, it is fairly easy to clean. It has a naturally tendency to release dirt quickly and does not always require dry cleaning to keep its quality. Please visit this web site for washing instructions: http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-wash-silk/

The cones/skeins are sold by weight shipped to you
You will be charged by the weight shipped

Special discounts for bulk purchasers
 Take 10% off on orders over 5 Kilos
 15% on orders over 25 Kilos
on orders over 50Kilos, 20% discount

To order email me at whpenfield@hotmail.com with the yarn you want

 your name, complete address, phone number

I do Pay Pal or a credit card.

The silk show below maybe a cone or a skein I have a mix of both

Nr A1

Nr A2

Nr A3

Nr A4

Nr A5

Nr A6

Nr A7

Nr A8

Nr A9

Nr A10

Nr T1

Nr T2

Nr T3

Nr T4

Nr T5

Natural skeins $18 per 100g
10 for $160