Artisan silk

This is a one time deal, this yarn can not be matched, close but no match.

This is a hand tie dyed color fast variegated 100% noil silk.

6/2Nm noil

on 100 gram cones

280-300 yards per 100 grams

(WPI 14) Dia 1/16 inch or 1.5875mm

About the size of 3/2 cotton

$140 Kilo (10, 100 gram cones mix or match colors) or $15 per cone, the cones weight between 98 and 104 grams per cones and are sold at $.15 per gram.

The cones are smaller in height but have the same amount of yarn as the taller cones.

NEW 6/2Nm noil silk natural skeins $110 Kilo, single skeins $0.12 gram.
New 6/1 Nm noli silk natural skeins $90 Kilo, single skeins $0.10 gram.

To order email me at whpenfield@hotmail.com with your name, address, phone number and the number on the bottom of the picture

Please note that this is not a smooth silk being a hand spun noil silk it may have nubs or uneven spots. This is what a noil silk is noted for, texture. This is natural and not a defect in the yarn. It is great for weaving, knitting, but not recommend for use in a knitting machine.

Space dyed;  A yarn dyeing process of which yarn receives color at irregular intervals.

Produces an effect of being unorganized.

These colors are sold to me as being fast dyed. I have found that this is not always true. Since I can not control the conditions of use, washing, cleaning or pressing the purchaser should sure assure them self by testing that the dye fastness of the yarn is suitable for their intended use. Recommended washing in cold water with a dye catcher.


Each hand tie dyed variegated silk skein can be different, this is the nature of tie dyeing.

Note: Due to the physics of video displays and the nature of computer graphics
the colors shown may not represent the actual yarn color.


Make a silk scarf

Silk scarf special 1 cone of Artisan silk and one cone of 20/2 dyed spun silk, 100 gram cone, $33.00,( 1 cone of Artisan silk $15 and 1 cone of 20/2 dyed spun silk $21, saving $3) 2 or more sets $28 each.


To order email me at whpenfield@hotmail.com with the yarn you want

 your name, complete address, phone number

I take credit cards and Pay Pal.




Should you receive an order with an error, please note that we will make it right. Please don't despair, just call us and we will fix the problem.

This silk is great for a new silk weaver.

"Can I
post this
on my web site?
Re: Silk scarf."

~ Michael White

"Go right
ahead, Michael.
It was quick and fun,
and I love how
it turned out!
Thanks for
helping me
get started!!"

~ Karen


Karen's first
silk weaving
from the
Artisan silk kit.
6/2Nm Noil warp.
20/2Nm silk weft.


"Love that yarn!
...so easy
to handle
and turned
out fine
despite my
brake problem
...wet finished
in washer/dryer
...so soft
...thank you
so much."

~ Christina


"Your artisan
silk cones are
Picture attached
of tunic I made
with fabric I
wove with
various cones -
I don't
the numbers.
It weaves up
very nicely.


~ Pat Zimmerman



Most of the new colors are on the bottom of the page.

On 01/129/2018 received a new shipment of artisan silk. Because of the increase in shipping cost the prices have gone up a little only on the new smaller cones.

$100 Kilo (10, 100 gram cones mix or match colors) or $13 per cone, the cones weight between 98 and 104 grams per cones and are sold at $.13 per gram.

The cones are smaller in height but have the same amount of yarn as the taller cones.

The pictures show 2 cones so you can see the differences in the space dyeing. Some of the new cones are a repeat of the original cones and have the same number.


                                                                                                           Upward Arrow #1-1
  Upward Arrow#1 - Peacock - (Space Dyed, No Tall Cones) - Deep royal blues and greens with a bright yellow green. All the colors in a feather, except the black. The yellow green is the color that outlines the deep colors and provides contrast. A deep rich color combination.



  Upward Arrow#2 - Royalty - Royal colors of gold, black and light purple. This reminds me of fleur de lis, and the French court.



  Upward Arrow#3 - Mardi Gras - Warm tan, brown, emerald green, and orchid. The orchid purple is the color of orchid corsages. This could also be the colors of exotic wild orchids found in the jungle amongst the foliage and bark.


                                                                                                       Upward Arrow#4-1 - (SOLD OUT) - A more golden version of a lovely color palette.
  Upward Arrow#4 - Canyon Sunset - (SOLD OUT, Space Dyed, No Tall Cones) - Warm rose, wine, terracotta, yellow ochre to green, with a grey overtone. Evening shadows cast on the warm canyon colors at sunset. A great color palette, that can be warmed with a copper color, or cooled with a med grey weft.



  Upward Arrow#5 - Old School - A darker red, silver, and black. The colors of silk ties, paisleys, and foulards. This is also collegiate colors, the University of Georgia for one. Cheryl is already plannig to make UGA scarves (Red, Silver & Black) for football season.


"Thank you
so much
I received
my silk [#7]
today and
got busy

~ Judy Hinkes


  Upward Arrow#7 - Raspberry Patch - Pinks, reds and orange cooled with a medium grey. All the colors of raspberries ripening against the almost silvery leaves. There is no green in this yarn and the cool grey keeps it from being too sweet.



  Upward Arrow#11 - Firelight - (SOLD OUT) - An autumn camp fire set against a purple evening sky for contrast. Spicy deep orange, curry green to golden yellows shading from light to dark, all with a dark purple mixed for contrast.



  Upward Arrow#12 - Ribbon Candy - (Space Dyed, No Tall Cones) - This yarn has a long color pattern, and does not appear to repeat but is more of a space dyed effect. The colors remind me of old fashioned ribbon candy bought on summer vacation at the beach. It has soft blues shading into turquoise, pinks to rose to rosy terracotta, and yellow greens shading to celery and grass green. The overall effect is soft and rose, but it is a yummy color palette.


"Love your linen and silk.
I ended up making a
handwoven vest using
your artisan silk in the
warp. The artisan silk was
excellent with no breakage.
I especially love the
variegated colors
of the silk.
This is the vest I made.

Thank you for the prompt
and excellent service
you always give!"

~ Tess in Ft Mill, SC


  Upward Arrow#13 - Periwinkle - (SOLD OUT) - Soft greys mixed with yellow greens, with a pop of bright violet-blue. The color of periwinkles or violets emerging from their winter sleep.



  Upward Arrow#14 - Confetti - (SOLD OUT) - Bright, exuberant, happy colors. This mix includes red, emerald, purple, turquoise, fuchsia, and yellow.



  Upward Arrow#15 - Calypso - (SOLD OUT) - An oceany mix of blues and greens with a touch of yellow. There are some darker tones of blue, like the depths of the ocean, along with the light and bright turquoises.



  Upward Arrow#16 - Water Lily - (SOLD OUT) - This has darker blues and a flash of yellow, but the overall tone is green. Reminiscent of the colors in Monet's famous painting.


"Here is a picture of the tunic I made
with the Mountain Mist [#17] yarn.
It used 20/2 silk yarn in Victoria blue
[#179] as the warp at a sett of 15 and
is woven using Sarah H. Jackson's pattern
in May/Jun of Handwoven 2011.
I added the neck zipper, but it makes up
just great with a rolled collar, too. The
hand on the fabric is wonderful and it's so
comfortable. It's actually better in person
than in a photo. I'm making one for me!"

~ Lynne Vongries

Note: Lynne may be adjusting the sett used.


  Upward Arrow#17 - Mountain Mist - (SOLD OUT) - Grey, blue, with a soft lavender overtone. Sleeping hills, off in the distance, under a haze of mist.



  Upward Arrow#18 - Highland Heather - A strong purple against a green background with a hint of blue. A warm rich palette.



  Upward Arrow#19 - Painted Desert - (SOLD OUT) - Pink and rose, soft blues and greens, on a golden sand background.



  Upward Arrow#20 - Aurora Borealis - (SOLD OUT) - The vivid pinks and turquoises to teals, that appear in the northern, night sky. This is not a pastel-these are vivid, intense colors.



  Upward Arrow#21 - Indian Summer - Walk down a lane through falling leaves of gold, red, rust, and orange, with the dark brown of the tree trunks as an accent.



  Upward Arrow#22 - Marrakesh - I have always loved the vibrant colors of sun-loving coleus and this one is all the wonderful reds, yellows, rusts, and oranges with a nice splash of green from teal to emerald. The cones vary on the outside colors showing, which is due to the random dye pattern.

And if you love coleus, check out this link for some eye candy!! http://www.rosydawngardens.com/



  Upward Arrow#23 - Tooty Fruity - Candy is dandy, colored yarn is calorie free.