10/2 Ring Spun, Combed Georgia grown cotton
This cotton was grown, ginned, spun, plied in Georgia
and dyed in North Carolina
This is not a mercerized cotton

This yarn is coated with a wax for ease of handing and will wash out in warm water

Reactive dyed and is a true color fast yarn

On 1 pound plus cones
The true weight can be from 13oz to 1lb 5oz per cone. If you need to know the weight per cone let me know.
Otherwise I will just give you the total weight being shipped.

Natural $15lb, Bleached $19lb, Dyed $21lb

Discount 25 pounds 10%, 50 pounds 15%, 100 pounds 20%

Plus shipping from Union Point, GA, USA

4,200 yards per pound
Sett Lace 20epi, Plain 24epi,Twill 28epi

Please sample

Ordering from me is easy just email me whpenfield@hotmail.com
your name, full address, phone number and how you would like to pay

I do Pay Pal and credit cards

This shawl was woven with 10/2 persimmon, warp/weft, by Cheryl in a spot weave.

  Big Surf Blue

  Buttercup Yellow







  Silver (a very light grey)

  Smoked Pearl (photo shows more purple, actual color is a medium grey)

  Lt. Cornflower (light blue)

  Carolina Blue (a medium bright blue)

  Warm Navy (a navy that still shows blue not black)



  Spring Green (a light clear green)

  Hunter Green

  Olive Green (a green olive, photo shows browner)

  Shamrock Green (a bright green, good for Christmas)

  Peach (a pale peach)

  Persimmon (a warm coral)

  Old Brick (a warm rust)

  Daffodil (a pale clear yellow)

  Dahlonega Gold (a bright gold, photo is a little dark)


  Purple (a deep royal purple)

  Hyacinth Violet (same pantone number as our 20/2 silk)

  Cherry Red (a dark red)


  Cardinal Red (think Christmas red)

  Dogwood Pink (a pale pink)


  Chocolate (a warm dark chocolate brown)


  Hemp (a warm tan)

  Linen (a soft beige)


5/2 Dyed GA cotton

Lipstick, Royal Blue, Leaf Green, Persimmon

$21/Lb in stock

This cotton is on a 1Lb cone.

Because each computer is different the above colors may not be a true color.
Color cards are available and will be free with orders or $1.00 with a self addressed envelope.