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To order email me at

with the number of heddles you want

 your name, complete address, phone number

I do Pay Pal, Venmo, and credit cards, with a 3.5% fee. I accept checks, no fee.
Orders from Georgia residents incur an 8% sales tax.

Insertion Eye Heddles

Shown is a picture of a Macomber insertion eye heddle (right) on the left is a bundle of 100 insertion eye heddles I had custom made.

These heddles are nickel plated 24 gage wire with a 3/16 (W) x 1/4 (L) eye.

12 1/2 inches fits, Fullsize Macomber, Leclerc (Nilus II, Colonial, Weaverbird & Kebec) sold in bundles of 100

Sorry, I ask for these to be bundled in groups of 100 and was given groups of 500 with my last order.

Right now I do not have the time to restring them

10 1/2 inch fits, Harrisville, Leclerc (Compact, Artisat, Mira, Fanny & Nilus) sold in bundles of 500

9 1/2 inch fits Schacht, Gilmore,  Leclerc (Voyageur, Dorthy & Diana) sold in bundles of 500

8 1/2 inch fits Baby Macomber, Dorset.   sold in bundles of 500

100 to 400 heddles, $20 (per 100)
500 to 900 heddles, $19 (per 100)
1000 or more heddles, $18 (per 100)

plus shipping from Georgia. Georgia residents add 8% sales tax.
I fully guarantee them, if you don't love them return them for a full refund less shipping cost.
There are pre strung and sold in bundles of 100 or 500 only.

Installing: The heddles have a twist to them, the reason for the color tips. If you are right handed and warp btf install the heddles with the colored tips up. What you are looking for is seeing the open eye when you are dressing the loom. The nice thing about most looms is the fact that you can turn the heddles bars around.

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