Maharaja Silk     

This 3-ply silk is suitable for warp and weft in weaving

Machine, Hand knitting or Crocheting

15/3Nm 798 yards per 100 grams

Lace Weight; Recommended Needle Size: #6 And #7

Sold on 100 gram cones not on skeins as shown

$20 cone, $.20 per Gram

3 cones for $57, 6 cones for $112, 10 cones for $180

Mix or Match

Because the cones weight different they will be sold

by the Gram

These colors are sold to me as being fast dyed. I have found that this is not always true. Since I can not control the conditions of use, washing, cleaning or pressing, the purchaser should assure them self by testing that the dye fastness of the yarn is suitable for their intended use. It is recommended that silk be washed in cold water with a dye catcher.

Click to learn: "How To Wash Silk"

Each hand tie dyed variegated silk skein can be different, this is the nature of tie dyeing.


MHD 05 Shawl crocheted by Racquel Morris of NMMHD 05 Shawl crocheted by Racquel Morris of NM

MH 01 Dark Green

MH 02 Black

MH 03 Dark Red

MH 04 Blue

MH 05 Pink

MH 06 Pale Green

MH 07 Quince

MH 08 Red

MH 09 Brown

MH 10 Gold

MH 11 Fire

MHD 01

MHD 02

MHD 03
(the cones have more pink and less yellow than what is pictured)

MHD 04

MHD 05

MHT 01

MHT 02

MHT 03

MHT 04

MHT 05

MHT 06

MHT 07

MHT 08

MHT 09

MHT 10

Sold on 100 gram cones not on skeins

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