Sari Silk Yarn and Ribbon


Caring for your silk: Silk is a delicate fabric and should be handled with care. However, it is fairly easy to clean. It has a naturally tendency to release dirt quickly and does not always require dry cleaning to keep its quality. Please visit this web site for washing instructions:

 These colors are sold to me as being fast dyed. I have found that this is not always true. Since I cannot control the conditions of use, washing, cleaning or pressing the purchaser should sure assure them self by testing that the dye fastness of the yarn is suitable for their intended use. It is recommended that silk be washed in cold water using a dye catcher cloth.

This yarn is also called the Recycled Sari Silk Yarn. During the  making of Sarees here in India there is a lot of small finer threads that are left over from the looms which are collected together and are of different colors. These are cleaned manually by the hand and then spun using the Takli (Drop Spindle) or the Charkha (Spinning Wheel). . Yardage: 100 yards per 100 grams, Count: 1's NM Thickness Bulky Weight


  Sari  silk yarn Solid colors: $9 skein ( $80 Kilo)The Fibers are sorted out to one specific color and then spun to get this beautiful single solid colors. We have them in different colors, we could also supply you with specific colors as per your choice. Yardage: 100 yards per 100 grams, Count: 1's NM Thickness Bulky Weight



Sari yarn multi color: $8 skein (about 100 grams) or $70 Kilo (around 10 skeins)

Rose 3, Gray 5, Yellow 7, Blue 3, White 17

Multi-color  Mostly red tones 2 Kilos on hand

Carded and Combed Sari yarn. This is the same yarn as above except it has been carded and combed making it very soft. $11 skein  or $100 kilo
Mostly 100 gram skeins.

Plus shipping from GA, USA

If you tell me what main color you are looking for I will try and pull that out.



Sari ribbon $8 skein (about 100 grams) or $70 Kilo (around 10 skeins)

This is not a "true" ribbon, there are no finished edges. The ribbon strips can be from 1/2 inch(12.7mm) to 2 inches(50.8mm) wide. normally 1/2" to 1" wide. The Ribbon is made from hand cut strips of silk fabrics hand sewn or knotted  end to end. The  fabrics found in this yarn are generally silk with a little rayon or cotton and occasional metal threads. Ribbon measures:  Bulky weight 50 yarns (more or less) per 100 gram skeins.

Chiffon Silk Ribbon

Very light, see through. On 100 gram skeins. $85 kilo, $9 per skein. This is not a "true" ribbon. Please see above


Sari Ribbon Cord

This is an interesting yarn. it is strips of sari cloth rolled, (about 1/8 inch) then sewn with a fine thread (some have golden zari and most a transparent thread) forming a long cord that is 30 meters in length. It looks like it would be great for hand bags, baskets, place mats. mug rugs and so forth 

Multi colors, no white/natural, bright colors $6 skein (30 meters)

Sari Ribbon Cord is no longer being stocked, but you can still special order it in quantities of 1 Kilo.




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