Silk Fiber

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Mulberry Slivers Silk Tops

This fiber is from Bombyx mori silk worms,  naturally bright white, carded, combed, ready to dye and spin

Normal form (rovings)

$135 Kilo  $0.14gram                              
 $150 Kilo dyed to your color choice




Roll form: comes in 11-13 batts (rolls),  $145 Kilo, $155 Kilo dyed to your color


Muga sliver top

Sliver $180 Kilo $0.19gram

Muga silk is one of the many nature's gift to Assam. The specialty of this silk is it's golden bright color. "Muga" is derived from the Assamese word 'muga' meaning yellowish. It is superior in every respect from the normal white silk available all over the world. This silk is much more durable than the normal one. And interestingly it's brightness improves with every wash while the normal silk has to be very carefully washed. Apart from normal dressings, it is used in other furnishing and decoration stuff too. Muga clothes are so durable that it can be used for decades. Muga Silk is supposed to be one of the costliest fabrics in the whole world.


Muga sliver tops, roving, $180 Kilo  $0.19g
The gold color is natural, it can very from a deep gold to lighter gold tones.
This fiber is very soft and shiny

White Eri sliver tops, roving,  $150 Kilo $0.16g
A very white and soft fiber, the red color has been removed

Red Eri sliver tops, roving, $160 Kilo $0.17g 
This is the natural color, the worms eat the caster bean plant.
Extra care is needed to keep the color.

NOTE: If you soak the red eri roving in water with a touch of mild soap (e.g. original blue Dawn®) the red color stays intact,
 even when sharing the bath with white eri silk and natural tussah silk. But if you soak it with other items that have been
processed differently (specifically bleached tussah), the ‘fugitiveness’ of the red color will stain the other items sharing the bath.

Tussah sliver tops, roving $150 Kilo $0.16g 
It has a natural tan color, the color can be dark tan to lighter tans.

Not as shiny or soft as Muga

Sari silk fiber(multicolor) $90 Kilo $.10g
This fiber comes from the thrums (210/2 silk) used in making saris. It is also call loom waste.
It is loose pieces of fiber. Can also be had in solid colors.

Pulled silk fiber, (multicolor) roving $100 Kilo $0.11g
This is Sari Silk Fiber that has been carded to get this super soft and luxurious roving fiber. It is very soft and easy to use with other fibers, can be spun with other fibers.

Throwster Silk Fiber - Bleached $110 Kilo $0.12
This is a by-product of the silk reeling.